From Credit Crunch to Abs Crunch

I have lived in Chiswick for over 23 years.
For 25 years I was a Corporate Banker, latterly in the areas of hotels and healthcare.

I also like to keep fit, so when I saw the effects of the credit crunch starting to bite and my job threatened I decided to turn a serious interest into a career by building on my existing skills and experience outside of work and qualifying as a personal trainer.
That turned out to be a wise decision.

As I could no longer bank on my employer, I took voluntary redundancy. Having subsequently gained the necessary further professional qualifications, I now run my own Personal Training Business, Banking on Fitness.

What can I do for you and why am I different?

My aim is to provide fitness and lifestyle training which is focused, fun and varied to clients who may have busy lives, time constraints, special fitness needs or who wish to be trained by somebody who is not the archetypal fitness professional.
I’m definitely not that!

I am able to relate to the stresses and strains of professional life, having gone through them myself, and can help my clients work these off via their training regime.
In a lot of cases I can probably chat knowledgably with clients about their lives, although I won’t be lending them any money!
I want to make fitness fun for people for whom it may be new or intimidating. I’m not a 21 year old who has just come out of college full of jargon and lacks life skills. I’ve been around the block a bit and I hope that will prove attractive to people in W4 who are new to being trained or who are looking for a change in their training regime.
I specialise in producing exercises which use several muscles at the same time while training people when they don’t necessarily realise they are working out. These also give a quick work out to clients for whom time is critical.
I use yoga and core stability techniques as well as more traditional CV and weights exercises.

I enjoy working with challenging clients and those who have specific fitness goals be it running a 10K, winning that tennis match, reducing high blood pressure, losing weight or muscle toning. I work from the beginner to the elite end of the fitness spectrum.
I will help clients achieve ‘core’ fitness and get on track without needing to hit the weight rack and at the same time I promise I’ll make it fun.
I am a keen runner and tennis player and am Treasurer and former Men’s Captain of the Chiswick Poly Tennis Club. I am also a player sponsor at Richmond Rugby Club.
I hold the modular YMCA Fit Personal Trainer qualification which covers Client Lifestyle and Fitness Assessment, Nutrition, Training in Different Environments, Client Retention, Running, Core Stability, Advanced Exercise and Fitness Knowledge and Advanced Gym Instructor and am a Level 3 member of the Register of Exercise Professionals (REPS) and a member of Fitpro.