The Fitness Bank

Part of my adventures into personal training involve quite a bit of study. I thought it only fair to impart some of my hard earned knowledge to give your excercise routine the extra edge to get you that extra mile. Please feel free to download and make use of some of the articles in the following pages.

Cramping Your Style
Cramp can affect sportsmen of all abilities. Here's how to avoid it
The most important muscle to exercise - Your heart
Whilst most of us would recognise the muscles of our body such as biceps, triceps and pecs and know if we work them hard they will grow because we can see the results it is equally important to exercise your heart. Do it and you too will notice results.
Take Control of Your Blood Pressure
High Blood Pressure is known as the silent killer as many of us don't know we have it until we have a stroke. Here is an article on how it is measured and some dietary and lifestyle measures which can help reduce yours.
Training is crucial but there is the potential to do too much of it. Overtraining is a common and overlooked condition which can be hard to cure so is better to prevent. Here are are some of the symptoms and how to prevent them happening