Banking on Fitness client testimonials

I was introduced to Martin who assessed my fitness and devised a plan tailored to my specific requirements. This initial session was friendly and incredibly helpful. Martins' advice and plan has really worked for me in achieving my goals quickly and effectively. I would recommend him to anyone. Sean Alger

My very reluctant decision in January this year to get fit has turned into something much more fun by my good fortune in getting Martin to set my programme. Quite apart from actually knowing what I wanted to do (i.e. NOT to become a fitness fanatic but to get back into shape) he explained the mechanics of what we are doing, so I am less bored by my training routine. He is always encouraging me while making sure I know I have to work at it. I don't feel the least embarrassed to discuss getting rid of those wobbly bits, where I might do with an aggressively fit younger person, and I intend to be sylph-like by summer. At least some of that determination is because I really can't let Martin down now. I even enjoy the exercise (occasionally!) and always feel better afterwards. Rosemary

Martin is a truly inspiring Personal Trainer with a refreshing approach that belies his previous incarnation as a corporate banker. He empathises with the reality of time poor professionals. He fully acknowledges your personal need to build a programme based, not on ideal athletic conditions and time but with a realistic schedule. Improvements in performance and technique are visible within a couple of sessions. A keen tennis player and yoga practitioner, Martin borrows from both disciplines to get you to attain levels of performance you would not have dreamt possible. He plans each programme and explains everything in layman's terms. After all we don't all arrive armed with physiological and nutritional expertise to enhance performance. In brief Martin ensures you hit your target. Oh, and I must mention he has been known to demonstrate unsurpassed with a great laugh. I thoroughly recommend him. AJ

Although I play tennis, I knew I needed to do more to combat both hours of sitting in front of a computer screen at work and the bright lights of the Marks & Spencer Food Store on Chiswick High Road. Put simply, I wanted to feel fitter and healthier while keeping an eye on my weight, as well as M&S;'s excellent chocolate biscuit selection. But having never been in a gym, and not done any formal exercise since leaving school many years ago, I was apprehensive. I'm always thought personal trainers and gyms were for younger, thinner and much better looking people than me. Martin persuaded me to take the first step, explained this new world of exercise in simple, easy to understand terms and made me realise that anyone can do it. Even me. Thanks to him, I now feel fitter and healthier, my tennis results have improved and I can walk to Marks & Spencer at twice the speed. Well, as Martin says, it's all about a balanced lifestyle? Ian Wylie

I'm very happy I have found a Personal Trainer who is very friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Martin is attentive and makes sure my training is enjoyable as well as helping me achieve my goals. He knows how to motivate me and makes every training lesson fun!? Misha P